Welcome to the pre-season tournament, Aphrodite, hosted by your lovely S5 judges and staff. This tournament is meant to get old and newly formed teams in shape for the larger scaled tournaments sometime in the near future. Hopefully you'll enjoy it, otherwise post-tournament, there will be a large flamewar and salty-ass players. So enjoy it for now, and the salt will come later.788f4HI.png



This tournament will be a 4v4 tournament with a maximum team size of 5 players. The tournament is also limited to 16 teams maximum, with the first two rounds of the tournament being best of 1 and the semi finals and finals being best of 3. The rules are the usual S5 stats with Rocket Launcher and Mind Shock being banned.  More specifically:


General Rules:

• Respect your opponents and the tournament staff (Poor behavior and disrespect can be reported and will be punished by disqualification and, where reasonable, a timed ban of your account).

• Follow the instructions of the tournament staff in order to allow them to manage the rooms in a smooth and timely manner.

• Obstructing the tournament staff or the general progress of the tournament in any way shape or form may have consequences for the offending players account.

• Wait patiently for your room to be opened and if there is a delay please contact a member of the staff directly, if we can’t contact anyone from your team when the games start, you will be disqualified.

• Teams have 10 minutes to show up for their matches, and all 4 players must be in the room to start a match.

• Should a player disconnect from the game within the first 30 seconds of a map, the map has to be restarted.

Sitting out for a disconnected player is mandatory. If the player fails to reconnect within a certain time frame the map is to be considered forfeit for the team with the disconnect, based on the judge's decision.

• Some lag is to be expected in an international online gaming environment, however in extreme cases judges may force a player with latency problems to sit or be replaced or nullify touchdowns caused by lag issues.  


Character Rules:

• Character information must be open at all times.

PEN Shop stat­s:
+7% Rifle/Guns/Heavy Guns Defense (Head)

+6% Attack (Jacket&Weapons)

+5% Defense (Pants)

+8 HP (Gloves&Shoes)

+12 SP (Accessories&Face&Pet)

• Rocket Launcher and Mind Shock may not be used.

• Unique skills may not be used.

• Only enchants and eSper chips that do not influence gameplay and which do not increase your stats beyond the stat limit described above are allowed(E.g. Pen+,Exp+). 


The schedule for the tournament will be the following:

February 20th Saturday:


Round 1 - Best of 1 Neden-3

First Timeslot: 17:00 GMT+1 - 17:45 GMT+1

Second Timeslot: 17:45 GMT+1 - 18:30 GMT+1


Round 2 - Best of 1 Hyperium

First Timeslot: 18:30 GMT+1 - 19:15 GMT+1

Second Timeslot: 19:15 GMT+1 - 20:00 GMT+1


February 21st Sunday:

Semi Finals - Best of 3 Map Counterpick

Timeslot: 18:00 GMT+1


Finals - Best of 3 Map Counterpick

Timeslot: 18:00 GMT+1



1st Place: Envy Ranger Helmet +6 SP (Random Color)

Everyone participating will also receive 3 PEN Caps for participation.



You can sign up for the tournament below, all your team members will need to be above Rank 40 to sign up:

>> Sign Up Here!! <<

Deadline for signing up : February 15, Midnight GMT +1

If you wish to get an exception and sign up an account that's below Rank 40 you'll need to contact the tournament coordinator in advance.

news Patch Notes 19.01

Patch 19.01 brings more balance changes to the game besides cosmetic items and the colorful Envy Ranger set.


Before the patch notes, I need to share with you a very specific balance change that seemed to be unlisted on the balance patch. All Rifle weapons besides Semi-Rifle seem to have damage reduction by distance. Before the patch only Assault, Handgun and Revolver had damage reduction by distance but after this patch we noticed that SubMachine Guns and Smash Rifle also have this featured implemented.


Balance Changes:


Twin Blade
- Post-attack delay for the 2nd left-click attack is reduced.
- Damage dealt is also reduced slightly.
- The number of left-click attacks are bumped up from 3 to 4 hits, to give more “swift” and “hack and slashing” feeling while effectively reducing the most debated delay problems.
- The total damage dealt by new 4-hit attack sequence is slightly reduced by 10 compared to that of previous 3-hit attack sequence. (all 4 attacks have reduced value of damage to give that 10 damage reduce)  


Assault Rifle
- Damage output reduced - 17.28( Critical 26.78 ) -> 16.2( Critical 20.25 )
- Critical damage multiplier is reduced: x1.55 -> x1.25
- Critical mechanism is changed (random -> ray). Ray critical means you have to hit the head to trigger critical hits.  


Light Machine Gun
Bug fix
-Mouse sensitivity decrease issue is fixed when firing the weapon.  


Rail Gun
Function delete - Blow attribute is deleted.  


Earth Bomber
Minimum range for critical hit is reduced - Bomb does less critical hits
Damage application per range is changed - Damage is reduced by 1~2 points per range (changed to 130/97/39/5 damage)  



Gauss Rifle
Right click (secondary fire) attack -SP requirement is increased and damage output is reduced.
- SP usage 24 -> 35 (Can fire 3 times compared to 4 times prior to this patch when full SP)
- Damage reduced : 19.5*7 -> 14.9*7  


Damage output is reduced and installation time is increased.
- Damage 24 -> 16 (Normal turret still have 24 damage output)
- Installation time : 1.6 sec -> 2 sec (Normal turret still has 1.6 sec installation time)  


Rescue Gun
Critical hit is deleted (no more critical) and healing amount is reduced.
- Amount of HP healing : 44 -> 30  


Burst Shotgun
Damage reduced
- Current=8*7 (critical 20) -> 7*7 (critical 17.5)  


All weapons
“Assist kill” requirement is changed and full charge notification is improved.
- You could get assist kill when dealing at least 40% of entire health of an opponent. The new change will grant this with 30% of it.
- When fully charged, the center part of the aim sight will glow in blue color to better notify that it’s fully charged.  

Additional changes and fixes:


1. Fixed hitting error, sometimes it blows a player without damage.
2. Changed full charged damage 75 -> 110  


Twin Blade
1. Changed full charged holding time as 2 seconds  


Demonic Knuckle
1. Added Cooldown of strong attack as 3 seconds  


Mind Shock
1. Changed attack speed, attack speed increased 1 point
2. Fixed targeting bug, that cannot have a same target while using mind shock and mind energy weapon.  


MK2 Lighting Bomber
1. Decreased SP burning effect
2. Changed SP recover time (delaying 2 sec.→ right away)  


Common Debugging
Fixed damage bug, when using the weapon 2 times continuously some additional damage is not affected.  


All news sources and patch notes are located on the official aeriagames forums found here:

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news Lonely S5 Tournament

Welcome lonely losers.

Are you tired of being lonely in the Netsphere?
Are you tired of spending valentine's day alone?
Don't worry because your two top dogs Rai and Trace are gonna help you deal with the issue and find an ideal soul mate in the world of S4.

This tournament will be a 2v2 Touchdown tournament with randomly matched teams. You sign up as an individual and you get matched with a potential soul mate, depending on your answers!

The rules of the tournament are standard S5 rules with only Rocket Launcher and Dual Magnums being banned. The maps will be picked at random before the game starts.

Prizes? Besides finding you an ideal soul mate and your true love (Thanks rai and trace!!) the first place players will both get 20euros PSC as a reward. Or we can buy you a romantic dinner for two, it's up to you.

The tournament will take place in early January so be prepared.

Sign up below, deadline is December 20th, until midnight (German time).


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Hello all!


We have chosen upon two forum skins, which we want you guys to vote and finalize the design for this forum!


Please vote which one you like better and we will implement it soon!


Poll will be closed Friday August 8th.




Option 1: Infinite Dark 



Option 2: Carbon



Option 3: Uptop